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Replacing Garage Door Springs

Occasionally, after years of wear and tear, garage door springs will become worn out. The springs provide much of the power for the garage door. Though automatic garage doors use electricity to get the garage door moving, the springs take over after the momentum has begun.

Your springs might need to be adjusted or replaced if:

  • One spring has broken and the other is under undue stress
  • They are older than about 15 years
  • If you operate the door by hand and it is very heavy.

It is dangerous to try to replace the springs by yourself because of the tension that the springs are under.   Also, if one spring has broken, we recommend replacing both springs because the older unbroken spring will brake when paired with a new spring.

At Monarch Door, we carry all kinds of sizes and types of springs, including both torsion and extension springs. It doesn’t matter what size of spring you need for your garage door; we can come out to your home and replace it in no time.

Don’t let yourself, your family, and your valuables be at risk by allowing your garage door to remain broken. Call Monarch Door and let us send out a garage repair specialist today!