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Repairing or Replacing Garage Door Openers

Many of the most common problems we see with garage door openers are relatively simple to repair. It usually only takes a little time to replace the gears that might have been worn down due to everyday wear and tear. However, sometimes the problem is more complicated, in which case you might want to consider replacing it.

If you are unsure whether you should repair or replace your garage door opener, the first thing you should do is call Monarch Door. When you call us, we will walk you through the inspection of the garage door opener to try to figure out what the problem is.  If your problem requires a professional technician, we will come out to your home to inspect the equipment ourselves.

Whenever our team comes out to your home, we make sure that they are respectful, knowledgeable, and helpful so you can get your garage door working and can receive the friendliest service.

If you are having problems with your garage door opener, call Monarch Door today to get it fixed!