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By: In: Garage Doors On: Aug 06, 2013

Coolest Garage Door Paintings


Garage doors can be so underutilized in terms of their potential for eye catching designs. This doesn’t mean that the custom wood carriage doors aren’t eye catching–just ordinary. Eye catching designs in this sense means paint. That’s right, people paint their garage doors, and some of the designs are quite amazing. Many of these painted garage doors are mural pieces that give a lot of character to the garage and surrounding home. If your garage door is worn and dirty but you can’t replace it, consider turning it into an  outlet for your artistic creativity–or opening it up to an artistic friend. After seeing a beautifully painted garage door, you’ll never think of garage doors as ordinary again. Here is a look at a few amazing painted garage doors.

The Library

bookshelf garage door

 This garage door was painted by someone who loved books so much  that they wanted to cover their garage door in images of them to  remind them of their love every time they laid eyes on the garage. The door itself serves as an ideal canvas for a painting of a bookshelf and the  detail of the books are quite good. It takes a special type of patience to  paint a mural of a bookshelf book by book to showcase a love for books.  Those many hours of meticulous painting could have also been spent reading the books.

Sports Car Door


This painted garage door creates depth and the appearance of something inside. This garage door was clearly painted to make fools of potential thieves since it shows an expensive sports car inside an empty garage. On first glance from afar, this mural looks pretty real, but is obviously a painting on closer examination. The depth, shadow effect and detail make this garage door painting very realistic.

The Jet Hanger


 No one seriously thought that there was actually a fighter jet in a tiny garage,  but this painting is good for a double take and maybe a laugh for how  ridiculous it is. The jet is perfectly folded to fit a small garage and is painted  with great detail to give the illusion of volume in a confined space.

Rotisserie Chicken

Garage Door - 034

Perhaps the most ridiculous and amusing garage door painting is the garage rotisserie chicken operation. The whole apparatus complete with whole chickens is depicted here in great detail. This is a painting that will almost certainly make someone look twice and, possibly, encourage a closer inspection to verify if there are, in fact, roasting chickens in a garage. You really just never know.